Story is medicine.

RACE RELAY™ is a theatrical production using drama, music and video to explore the state of race relations today in America. Utilizing actors, recollections of actual personal incidents, and projected images from various media, RACE RELAY™ integrates entertainment, reality, humor, and frankness to involve the audience in a candid, interactive forum. This multimedia presentation, along with accompanying audience discussion, is designed to invite the audience to examine their feelings and attitudes about race in a non-threatening way.

Writer-director Denise Hamilton, movement specialist Fred Sugerman, and master percussionist Christo Pellani create a dynamic environment with actors, where various aspects of race are explored in performance and on-screen visual images. Uniquely created for specific sites, this evening of interactive theatre evolves into a space where audience members reflect, share, and connect with one another, and are invited to return for future conversation.

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