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RACE RELAY® is a multimedia production and community dialogue series about race relations.

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Share your Story by September 3rd, 2021

We want to hear from you! Your stories do not need to be fully fleshed out. They can be just a paragraph about what happened and how you felt. If you need help, email and we will connect you with someone who can help you put your story into words.


November 19th-21st, 2021

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is partnering with Burbank Human Relations Council (BHRC) to present RACE RELAY® this November, which will explore race relations in the Burbank community. The event takes place at the Burbank YMCA Social Impact Center, November 19th-21st.

This performance-discussion collaboration strives to bring together all stakeholders within the city of Burbank. It is a unique community initiative to engage average citizens, local businesses, the higher education community, and local police in addressing racial problems. The desired result is a greater degree of relationship-building, leading to better communication and significant steps to confront a developing problem within the city.

If you have been affected by racism and live, work or have a business in Burbank, submit your one-page, single-spaced personal story for consideration in our RACE RELAY® production by September 3, 2021, to

If your story is selected you will be contacted. We will not share your name or identifiable language without your permission. Please do not include identifiable information (other than how we can contact you) in your submission.

RACE RELAY® aims to create an environment where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to listen, engage and work together to understand and address racism.

We look forward to hearing your story.

Open dialogues help to examine who we are as human beings and how we relate to one another. We value the importance of stories to support the healing of individuals, communities, and society.

Racism is a struggle we have all been dealing with since the millennia. Race Relay strives to break down tribalism and the constructs that separate us, by using the authentic stories of ourselves and our experiences.

It was so powerful and I think the attendees got so much out of it. I know I did and everyone I spoke to did as well. We’re looking forward to the next one!

Daniel Leighton, Co-Exec. Director
Women in Technology International  (WITI)
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